How To Know if You’re Ready to Upsize Your House

How To Know if You’re Ready to Upsize Your House

How To Know if You’re Ready to Upsize Your House

While you undoubtedly have many important memories of living in your current home, it is quite unusual for one person or family to stay in the same property forever. There can be many reasons why you might choose to move home, but often it’s a reflection of the inevitable changes that will happen during your lifetime as your wants and needs continue to evolve. For some people this means that they need more space. Actually figuring out when to take the next steps up the property ladder can be tricky. Is there a right time or best time to move to a larger abode? Here is our guide to how to know if you’re ready to upsize your house.

You need to accommodate your growing family

A growing family is by far the most common reason for people to upsize their house. This doesn’t necessarily mean adding more children into the mix. Perhaps your children are getting older and need more space of their own, or maybe you are intending on inviting grandparents to move in with you, so that they can feel close to the family and get the support they need as they get older. Maybe you haven’t got a family of your own just yet, but you are planning for the future. However your family is growing, a larger home can make the process infinitely more comfortable for everyone involved.

You need more space for your belongings

You may have noticed that your personal belongings, including your furniture, expand to fit whatever space you have to fill. We naturally choose larger tables, couches, televisions and more when we have larger rooms, and eventually, the many possessions we pick up as we go through life can start to overtake the size of our home.

Many people who choose to upsize do so as they would like more space for their stuff, so that their homes don’t feel too cluttered.

You need space to work

Many people are unable to leave their work at the office or their business premises. If you find yourself regularly bringing tasks home, it is understandable that you will want a space to dedicate to getting the job done that is completely separate to the areas of your home where you can relax. If you need space to work, it may be time to consider upsizing your house.

You don’t have enough, or any, personal space

Even those people who love being around others need a little personal space from time to time. This can be difficult to achieve if you are living in busy and cramped conditions. Whether you want to chill out with a book or move, or spend some time on your hobbies, such as gaming, painting or woodwork, you deserve an area that you can call your own.

It is a wise financial investment

There are some people who don’t really need any extra space but are considering upsizing because it is a wise financial investment. It could be that you have spotted a much larger house going for a ridiculously low price, or you may have seen a larger property that you plan to ‘fix up’ while you live there. Sometimes upsizing makes financial sense – particularly if the interest rates are low and there is the potential to significantly increase the value of the assets you hold.

You can afford your dream home

Getting on the property ladder isn’t something that comes easy to most homeowners, many of whom have had to scrimp, save and even borrow from family members just to afford the down-payment on their home purchase. When you envisage your dream home, you almost certainly visualize a larger property, with plenty of space for you and any family or pets. However, the reality is that most people will not be able to afford to buy their dream home straight away. It usually takes at least several purchases to build up equity in your properties and reach a point where you can afford to buy the home that you have always dreamed of!

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